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We’re the experts in delivering wagering platforms for in-venue and digital betting operations, with over 25,000 betting devices and dozens of white label betting websites deployed worldwide.

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Sportech has a diverse range of point of sale, self-service and digital betting platforms to suit any betting environment or operational demand.

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Device Software Suite

Our terminal software suite delivers an engaging user experience with an agile, cost efficient, and future-proof approach to terminal hardware.

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Digital: Mobile Betting

We offer a range of options for mobile betting, from native apps to simple on-track mobile options for casual users.

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Digital: Web Betting

White label web betting platforms and comprehensive services extend customer engagement beyond the track or OTB.

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ePOS: BetJet® Aero™

BetJet® Aero™ is a high-performance, ergonomic terminal that delivers full-service teller functionality in a compact footprint.

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ePOS: Tablet

Full roaming teller betting services with a simple user interface and off-the-shelf tablet, scanner, and printer.

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ePOS: Teller Flip

The BetJet® Flip is both an agent/teller operated terminal and a self-service terminal that lets you manage resources based on demand.

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Self-serve Cashing

The smart way to optimize your account wagering program and offer self-vend funding and cashing services.

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Self-Serve SL 2.5

The BetJet® SL 2.5 is optimized for self-service betting and field proven in multiple environments, with support for cash, voucher, and account betting.

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Self-Serve Tablet

A simple user interface on easy-to-source tablet hardware gives players a convenient way to bet in betting venue restaurants, carrels and boxes.

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