Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Q:What does Sportech Racing // Digital do? A:

We provide the software, hardware, and services that facilitate pari-mutuel wagering. The systems we provide are typically called “Totalisator Systems”, or “Tote systems” for short. These complex financial transaction systems can include central wagering software and hardware, wagering device hardware and software, communication devices, data feeds, and more. Our systems help licensed operators all over the world extend wagering to the public. Our devices accept wagers in exchange for cash or wagering account funds, include those wagers in commingled pools, calculate the odds, payouts, etc. and then allow for winning tickets to be redeemed. In addition to land-based wagering terminals and devices, we also provide customized white label Internet and mobile technologies – and associated services – for wagering on horse racing.

+ Q:In what jurisdictions does Sportech Racing // Digital operate? A:

We provide services and products to customers in over thirty-five countries, in nearly all U.S. states in which pari-mutuel wagering is permitted by law, and in a number of tribal jurisdictions in the U.S. We have 11 operational centers in 7 countries.

+ Q:What types of gaming operators can use Sportech Racing // Digital products? A:

We provide services to over 200 licensed operators of horse racing tracks, greyhound racing tracks, racinos, off-track betting networks, Internet wagering websites, casinos, racebooks, sports books and jai-alai frontons. We also support the wagering services of non-racing pari-mutuel pools betting operators such as The Football Pools, based in the UK. We operate in highly regulated markets and are diligent in ensuring that we comply with all rules, regulations and laws related to wagering in those markets.

+ Q:What types of betting terminals does Sportech offer? A:

Our betting terminal line includes devices that allow tellers, agents or operators to accept wagers from the public as well as those that allow consumers to conduct self-service wagering. We have been designing, engineering, manufacturing and supporting wagering devices for decades and have tens of thousands of terminals deployed worldwide.

+ Q:Does Sportech have a solution for Internet wagering on horse racing? A:

Yes, our Digital products include white label wagering websites and mobile apps. Our latest generation internet wagering platform, G4, offers a unique dashboard style layout that offers players all of the tools they need for an exciting wagering experience, all from a single page. We also provide full turn-key services for digital operations and hold a multi-jurisdictional hub license in the State of Oregon.

+ Q:Is Sportech licensed? A:

Yes, we are licensed in dozens of jurisdictions worldwide and take very seriously our on-going compliance to the rules, regulations and laws of the states, provinces, countries, municipalities and tribal nations in which we operate.

+ Q:Who is the Sportech Racing // Digital corporate parent? A:

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Sportech PLC of the UK. Sportech PLC is a sports gaming and entertainment company and one of the world’s leading pool betting organizations, focusing on highly regulated markets worldwide. Sportech is headquartered in London, England with operational offices in Liverpool, Bristol, Atlanta, Toronto, Connecticut, California, New Jersey, Singapore, The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. Sportech PLC is a public company traded on the London Stock Exchange (SPO).

+ Q:Does Sportech offer a fixed odds betting solution? A:

Yes, we offer fixed odds betting software and terminals solutions as well as managed services for fixed odds operations.

+ Q:How many licensed operators use Sportech Racing // Digital services? A:

Our global footprint covers over 200 customers in over thirty-five countries and in most of the US states that permit pari-mutuel wagering.

+ Q:Does Sportech provide products and services for types of wagering other than pari-mutuel? A:

Yes, we provide solutions for fixed odds wagering as well as pari-mutuel wagering.

+ Q:Does Sportech offer mobile solutions for wagering? A:

Yes, we offer our newest innovation in mobile wagering technology, Digital Link™. Digital Link™ offers betting patrons a full suite of wagering and non-wagering services through their own smart phone or tablet. Services including the patented digital voucher, which allows patrons to conveniently store and retrieve betting tickets and vouchers on their phone while still wagering with a Sportech terminal located at a participating race track or off-track betting establishment.

+ Q:Does Sportech offer solutions for off-track wagering? A:

Yes, our sister division, Sportech Venues, Inc., works closely with us to provide full turn-key service packages to casino race books, Off-track betting venue operators, sports books and others. Our extensive experience is bolstered by the company’s own status as a licensed operator of off-track betting facilities in Connecticut, California and in the Netherlands. Turn-key packages include all necessary tote technologies as well as venue design, installation, operation, accounting, marketing and more.

+ Q:Do Sportech’s systems support commingling of pari-mutuel pools? A:

Yes, as a leading provider of global commingling services and co-founder of the Inter Tote System Protocol (ITSP), Sportech interfaces to virtually any licensed racing association that currently provides commingling. Our Quantum™ System software supports commingling of pari-mutuel pools with essentially any wagering organization that participates in commingling, through protocols such as the ITSP and through gateways compatible with many of the large bookmaker sites and technology providers. We support the latest version of ITSP (6.0) and support direct commingling from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Asia into the pools of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

+ Q:Does Sportech provide products and services for wagering on account, or “advance deposit wagering”? A:

We provide a wide array of products and services to support account wagering (also sometimes known as advance deposit wagering or ADW). Our Quantum™ System tote provides robust account wagering functionality to support the ability of a patron to wager with a single account at the racetrack or OTB, over the phone with live teller operators or with interactive voice response (IVR) systems, over the Internet or with a smart phone or tablet. In addition, we provide white label Internet and mobile solutions including the G4 Internet wagering framework and our mobile suite, Digital Link™. Our Sportech Kiosk offers a simple point-of-sale from which to allow patrons to open a new account, fund the account, and cash out when done wagering. Our Digital Management Services provide a turn-key package of support services that allows customers to leave the day-to-day management of many aspects of the account wagering program to us, including end user customer care and technical support, call center wagering, contracting and settlement services, and more.

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