2015 finally brought the racing industry a Triple Crown winner after a 37-year wait.  Regardless of whether or not we get a Triple Crown hit, one thing is for certain year-in and year-out; that Sportech’s Quantum™ Data Center will reliably process hundreds of millions of dollars in bets from hundreds of different sources all over the world. 

2015 was no exception, with a total of $246 million processed by the Sportech Quantum™ Data Center (or QDC) on the three Triple Crown days.  The sharp peaks in handle wagered during these Triple Crown events help to highlight the truly amazing processing capacity of Sportech’s complex Quantum™ System software and QDC infrastructure, and the quality of the Sportech team that manages it.

Record Handle Processed by a Single US Data Center

This year, our team at the Quantum™ Data Center in New Jersey processed a slightly higher amount than in 2014, topping what we believed at that time to be a record for the total handle processed in a single North American pari-mutuel wagering data center facility.  For the 2015 Triple Crown days, our QDC processed a total of $246 million in betting handle, over $146 million of that on the three Triple Crown host racetracks alone. 

This year, as in 2014, the QDC delivered wagering services to over 100 Sportech Racing // Digital customers, who bet through nearly 300 individual racetracks, off-track betting locations and digital wagering channels. This year’s statistics included nearly 26 million sale transactions accepted through a daily average of 17,800 active points of sale.

The Upshot

Sportech’s Quantum™ System software along with the Quantum™ Data Center hardware, infrastructure and personnel are the best in the business.  They deliver the kinds of processing power and speed that can deliver these results year after year, day after day.  To learn more about the Quantum™ Data Center and what it can do for your racing operation, contact us.

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