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Our Sales Representatives

SS Yeo

Director of Sales and Business Development
Asia and Australasia
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Although much of Mr. Yeo’s extensive experience comes from working with partners throughout Asia, the tri-lingual (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin Chinese) executive has spent the last 10 years managing and nurturing partnerships in all corners of the globe, specializing in highly technical business and computing solutions.

Contact for:Wagering Systems in Asia and Australasia

Sean A. Bishop

Director, Sales & Business Development
Latin America
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Sean A. Bishop is a tri-lingual Penn State alumni with over fifteen years experience in Pari-Mutuel Wagering Systems, Projects, and Installations. He is an expert at tailoring solutions to meet the needs of emerging markets in Latin America and elsewhere.

Contact for:Wagering Solutions in Latin America

Bruno Gay

Vice President Sales and Business Development EMEA
Europe, Middle East and Africa
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With a solid technical background as a holder of an engineering certificate and an MBA from Negocia, Bruno Gay got his start in the tote business over 25 years ago when he was hired to manage the deployment of an off track tote network that to this day remains one of the largest in Europe. Since 2005, he has been in charge of sales and business development in Europe for Sportech. In 2017 Bruno was promoted to the position of Vice President Sales and Business Development EMEA to direct all sales activities in the region. Bruno is multi-lingual with a command of the French, English, Turkish and Spanish languages.

Contact for:Wagering Solutions in Europe

Michele Fischer

Vice President Sales and Business Development for the Americas
The Americas
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When Michele Fischer came to Sportech in 2003, she already had a lifetime of experience in the industry. Having spent her childhood on a horse farm, the daughter and granddaughter of racing professionals, she naturally went on to study Management and Equine Administration before earning her MBA at the University of Louisville. She has extensive experience providing wagering services to large racetracks and OTBs, as well as launching several online wagering platforms.

Contact for:Wagering Solutions in the Eastern US Region, Venue Management Solutions in the US and Caribbean

Tom Kelso

Manager, Sales & Business Development
Western, Southwestern, and Southern US Region
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Tom Kelso is a 25-year veteran of the race and sports wagering industry, who has played key roles in the planning, installation and/or upgrading of several Las Vegas race and sports books. As a former manager of multiple sports and race books, Tom is uniquely suited to the task of ensuring that operators get the equipment and guidance they need to succeed. 

Contact for:Wagering Solutions in the West, Southwest, and Southern US regions

Ken MacKenzie

Manager, Sales & Business Development
Canada and the North Central US Region
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Over the past 30 years, Ken MacKenzie has held a wide variety of positions in the horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering services industries, with experience that runs the gamut in business development, sales, management, operations and tech support. He has also been involved in the development, testing, and deployment of many new tote technologies.

Contact for:Wagering Solutions in Canada and the North Central US Region
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