A tradition of winning.

We are the industry leader in pari-mutuel pools / tote betting services and systems for horse and greyhound racing, and sports, with nearly a century’s experience and an endless drive for progress.

The gaming industry can be a gamble, but the odds should be favorable.

We have the technology and strategies to keep pushing you forward. Our cutting edge software, hardware, and management services will streamline your operation, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. With us, you’re staying ahead of the action.

A legacy of excitement.

We’re at the top of our game—and we’ve been there for almost a century. Our parent company Sportech PLC owns and operates the world’s oldest football pools gaming company. We have a presence in over 25 countries and are licensed by 36 agencies worldwide.

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Backed by responsibility.

Sportech PLC, having donated more than $2.2 billion to worthy causes, has a long tradition of social responsibility and a desire to better the world and the sport.

We are proud to continue that tradition with the recent acquisition of Bump Worldwide, a company that operates electronic charitable “50/50” raffles during pro sporting events. Our mutual passion for supporting worthy causes, as well as our shared mission to create unique digital gaming experiences, makes this a winning partnership right out of the gate.

Our groundbreaking new mobile wagering platform, Digital Link, is also projected to significantly reduce environmental impact by decreasing the need for paper.

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